Thursday, 28 January 2010

wow, its been a long time (as always) since we've contacted our legions of fans. Sorry guys that we havn't been in touch!
we are trying to think back to whats occured. Thanks to a few sparse words written on M's phone, we will try and piece together our life.
Months and months ago we went to another 5th Av night, got very drunk and the only word to describe the experiance was "bleughhhh". We had an exam in a few days time, so we went to the Garrett for drinks where we proceeded to drink double vodkas for £2. Never wise. Lots of drunken secrets were revealed, some unusual, some bordering on incest, and others non-sensical. Particular highlights include B absent mindedly and repeatedly staring at a stranger for quite a while, much to his confusion.
Having decided not to go to 5th, we stumbled our way there and met a few interesting people, who we no longer remember names or faces....but we remeber their nationaliy. Eughhhh.

The next day we had brutal hangovers and walked the 40 minute journey to Fallowfield to buy tickets. In true B n M style, they were sold out, resulting in a dissapointment+hangover+mango dropping+having not eaten sadness.
A simple question, "M, what's Platt fields park like?" led to an exploration of said park...." that WATER!" After frequent exclamations about how cute the ducks are, how amazing it was to see green again, and a few pictures, we became so smiley that it sickens us a little. Pictures to follow if we ever get round to it.
Thoroughly weakened by alcohol and low blood sugar, we went to Varsity and had a rare meal, after both complaining that "i would drink that and id be full. in fact, im full now." We went home and probably didn't do much revision.

A note from the past us says "how everything got done during exam time". This neither sounds like something we would do, or seem plausible. Most likely is that we did laundry, tidied our room....but all I (B) remember is sitting in the sun outside of Victoria Halls whining at our friend to go and buy Cheeky Vimto. Or sitting in the sun outside of the Rampant Lion. Or just sitting in the sun.

All this talk of Cheeky Vimto has reminded us - we didn't blog B's birthday! An event to remember.../not remember. After a splurge of efficiency, we made homemade cocktails (baileys with cream....more cream...), ran out of alcohol, drukenly went to Spar for more and played snap. We are told by more sober members that our reactions were something to behold.
Quotes from the evening, I tihnk, include "stop having sex in my bed!". Mostly, there is just a video of B being forcebly encourage to down a mug (no glasses) of alcohol cos she's "19 now you can handle it". Turns out she couldnt, and ended up passed out unable to breath. Nothing like waking up to a "Athsma UK " tab on your laptop and a pan of badly made Cheeky Vimto in a saucepan on your floor.

In times spent apart, when actually revising, we had some enjoyable MSN moments (modern girls, us). Having realised M has documentation of these events lef to much joy. Many a quotation:

- "why is inflation rampant? Whatever inflation is doing is inflations business, I don't want to hear about it"
- "i like getting ready with youuu" "i like getting ready with youuu"
- "you've left the Engalnd....and moved to a country that doesn't believe in electricity"
- "A and B are doubting their ability to be correct"
- "C and D have fallen prey to excessive over-confidence"
- "he's a marker for everything that'd bad in the world" (this is regretted now, he's a lovely guy)
- ":P:P....look! theyre moving in unison"
- "the dairy milk was for your birthdayyy"
"why are you shit at everything?"
- snibbles + his protectiveness

The rest of these months passedin happy post-exam bliss. Drinking, pizza, films (the twilight incident which we don't mention) and other generally good times :)
pretty sure we were moaning about something tho.

On the last day, B went to visit M to say goodbye. M had been out the night before and was, arguably, still drunk. Not good when she had to move about 15 boxes to the storage man. When eventually on the trolley, somehow she manages to push the trolley into a flowerbed, amusing myself and the Storage-collector-man. We also felt the need to wave untill we were out of sight of each other....:/.....lets not talk about it.

We went to our respective cities (....village) where M enjoyed working, romancing and holidaying. B learnt to live without electricity and running water.

We were reunited when B travelled to M's home town. A simple "do you want to eat?" reminded us of why we can't stand each other. We also spent perhaps the longest time anyone has ever spent in WHSmith, all the time laughing much too hard - "he'd be so impressed, look at it!" - and played with notebooks and so on. Hilarious.
This was also one of the rare occasions we did something we said we would. After visiting Platt fields park we got excited that we would visit a park in Birmingham, which we did. True to form, we got a bit lost, couldn't find what we were looking for, M thought she'd found a place unaffected by rain, and we spent many many hourrrrsssssss there, lost.
We had two good nights, went to the infamous Barry which was amazing. Quotes include - "she's changing the lightbulb already! she's sooooo efficient" and B getting abused for "living on a farm" and being asked "your dad has a tractor right?" for which ruthless defence was needed, a hilarious sight for M.

M has an exam tomorow so its time to wrap things up and we shall blog the 1st semester of 2nd year soon :)


Lots of love, B n M

Saturday, 23 May 2009

entry into the arena of manipulation...

This month has been a stressful one for numerous reasons. Despite a pact to not go out or drink untill the end of exams, we didn't stick to it for long....5 days to be precise.

The evening of our last blog inspired wine-drinking and msn manipulations (this is where it all began) After the first bottle of wine we decided this was insufficient and after much deliberation (5 minutes) we embarked on a quick run, in the pouring rain, to the local tesco express. Our run there was simply classic! It consisted of puddle and people dodging, whilst trying to avoid falling to our demise. Once we reached Tesco, bearing in mind at this point we were already drunk and laughing hysterically, we very carefully picked up fragile items....could've ended badly.

Once returned, we cracked open the bottle of Australian Chardonnay (only the best for these bloggers). Whilst casually on MSN, we got into hilarious conversations with numerous people (manuplations part 2) and M decided to invite our beloved friend Matthew. He was round faster than we could say WINE, which was quite amazing due to the fact that M had directed incorrectly- but hey men are supposedly good with directions! Hilarity insued on the arrival of Matthew with video evidence. We shall provide you with a list of quotes that will no doubt be meaningless to you, but incredibly embaressing and funny to us:
  • B turned it (light) off to make it more kinky
  • M mocking B: Let me share a chair with you
  • M mocking B (again): Let me share a bed with Mat
  • Mat you hair is so bouncy and soft (whilst worringly strocking Mat's hair :/)
Later on into the evening, as things started to die down, M was innocently napping on the bed and then felt a forceful shove off the bed, the source being our guest, Mat. This ended with M being sprawled on the floor in utter shock of Mat's uncalled for actions...we wont be inviting him back again any soon. Good times!

B and I, having being told off by numerous people for our lack of meals, decided to go to Pizza Hut for pizza and the infamous cooky dough. At first sight this may not seem as such of a traunmatic experience, but oh wrong you would be. A pizza and desert that would take normal people to eat in an hour, took us at least three. We were there so long that the waitress came over to us and asked and i quote "have you finished nibbling". Our response was one of embaressment, as we had clearly not finished, we were just taking our time. We were greeted whilst eating by a lost child, who had mistakenly taken a wrong turn and ended at our table. He looked startled and bemused, giving M dodgy looks whilst thinking "you're not my dad". After looks diusgist were exchanged, he turned on his heels and found his way back to his family.

Before we were even seated we encountered stressful obstacles, one being the door without instructions (which clearly all standard public doors require), and the other being the difficult question of where we'd like to sit. Knowing B doesn't have an opinion on such things, M brazenly chose a good for spot for our dining experience.

On the walk home we got a call from a future rooms, L & E, inviting us to full moon at Sankey's. After hurredly getting ready in record time (a record that is constantly being resat) we proceeded to have a good night :)

Our next night out was to Bijou which was an incredibly drunken experiance. We actually spent time getting ready, and pre-pre-drinking almost of 3 bottles of wine meaning we were already gone by the time we reached Hulme for pre-drinking! While walking to Hulme M identified a new crossing which hadnt been noticed before: a debate ensued. We shan't go into it, it was messy, but the term 'dropped curve' featured widely. Typically, we spent much time telling each other how drunk the other was and how embaressing it is to be seen with them. On arriving at Hulme bar, not realising we could be seen, B downed her remaining wine and threw it in the bin....classy. On arriving at Bijou, not realising the weight-pressure ratio of opening a taxi door, M fell out of the taxi....classy. After a few more drinks inside the club, we were well and truly hammered and came back to K3 (B's residence) and had toast and an emotionally deep talk that neither of us quite remember - incredibly annoying when we finally established how M feels about current relationships. A very good night, in all.

Seeing as we had an upcoming exam, we felt it wise to get together and revise. Said revision ended up with manipulations part 3, introducing a new victim into the arena. Later, we attempted to watch Twiliht. Our initial excitment at being able to successfully watch a film quickly faded after numerous attempts to find a workable link. Quotes of the evening include:
  • look at the pixels on that, theyre awful!
  • you were closing tabs like a MANIAC!
  • havn't spoken to you in ages, where have you been?
The night was traumatic for us both, and we shall now never speak of it again as it hurts too much.

Another night we were invited to go to the IMAX to see Star Trek. M was plagued with sadness at the prospect at having to spend £3 on a small drink, so decided to go without even though she was mighty parched. As fate would have it, Bilz happened to have a free drink coupon. I have never seen M so happy, her little face literally lit up! After being inappropriatly offered 'all of our desires' and 'a screen that is taller than an 8 story building' we watched the film and we were mildy impressed. We walked back, got splashed by puddles as the guys tried to outleap each other, and were in awe of R's ninja jumping. Amazing! We came back to K3 and played crash team racing which was good good fun :)
Our other cinema trip was to see Fighting, which began our love affair with Channing Tatum, who is undeniably perfect in every way, clearly is lovely to his sister and never has a cross word to say about anyone. We <3 you Channing, if your reading. There is no doubt in our minds that you are.

After a hard days revision we both felt the need to leave Viccy Halls and M hit on the genius idea of going to The Garratt, famous for our previous Irish-inspired drinking times. We filled up £2 double vodka and cokes...and ended up drunkenly speaking loudly about boys (of course), mistakently staring at nearby talent for a long time. We'd decided to start writing some quotes down as we always forget classic moments - I (B) woke up in the morning with a draft text saying "i can still feel my forehead ITS OKAY"...
Once we weere liquered up we crossed the road and went to 5th Avenue for what we now call 'sleazy saturdays', a night famous for vodka redbull and...sleazy guys. M got lucky with an Italian guy, but only after we had a groove on the dancefloor to some realllly good music :). Good night.

Instead of doing any work, we decided to walk off our hangover and walk down to Fallowfield to get tickets for the Big One thats gunna be on the last day of our exams. M was very happy (for reasons that shall not be mentioned). As we walked down we admired Plattfields Park and so
were not disheartened when the tickets weren't on sale as we walked through the park. We were shocked and amazed to find that it was acutally reallly pretty: an oasis in the middle of Manchester, one could say. We were high on happiness and the beautiful landscape - relative to Manchester of course, and made plans to appreciate more nature over the summer. We decided that energy was serverly needed and it wad for this reason alone that we decided to eat a big lunch at Varisity. We were proud of ourselves.

Over the course of the revision period we have noticed that we each get more hilarious when revising. We like to think that we pay more attention to the art of comedy whilst avoiding doing work, such as "a and b obvkisuly lack confidence in their ability to be correct"..(shall fill in later)

We have also noticed that, when drunk (and sometimes when sober) we declare our undying love for one another. The first such incident is when we parted ways on (embaressingly) our first night out! B was, obviously, the first to say 'I love you', but she doesn't remember this. Other frequently heard comments are "i'm so glad i met u", "we're so much better than everyone else' etc etc. We could go on. Other kinds of love of the heterosexual kind have been rampant (much like inflation, who needs to keep its business to itself). M has gotten significantly less happy as initial excitement at potential love has fizzled considerably as men show their ability to be women. B has reciprocated these sentiments after an equal experiance.

Following an night out at Pout in Revolution a few of M's Birmingham friends made a quick pitstop in Manchester. We picked up a hitchiker called Tom for the taxi journey home who must think we're both crazy (note: despite was M says, B is not in love with Tom, and is not the one that got with the Italian). After sharing a few jokes at B's expense .(B is not a peasant, and dislikes being called such), and dodging a few flies M got whisked away to Liverpool for the night/morning to visit another friend. How random.

22nd may was B's birthday and also the day of our first exam :(....we won't mention it as we don't talk about exams. We brought various juices and alcohols, after nearly causing a human traffic jam in WorldWide by leaving through the wrong door, and played Rockband for hours whilst getting steadily more drunk. The night progressed and it was decided that more alocohol was needed so we took a quick trip to Spar and proceeded to make Cheeky V, with added vodka (mistake). After loudly playing 'ride the bus' and 'snap' we were all quite drunk, especially B who had been ruthlessly picked on during drinking games and encouraged to down a potion of pure evil. Woke up the next day with a horrific hangover and few memories of yelling at M, and F (aka "go to sleep" etc)

And here we are, after 2 sessions worth of blogging, and we really cannot be bothered to put pictures up at the moment but they be sure that they will be done soon enough.

Love, B & M

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A needle, a homeless person and a misunderstanding

How terrible! We havn't given u an update in soo long! Our sincerest apologies.
Me n M are sat here drinking wine racking our brains, after a few cheeky cocktails at the legendary font, trying to remember all that we have done.

Before Easter our time consisted of some amazing cooked meals and numerous pancake nights! 8p tesco pancake batter = amazing :D.
We went on the management social to Tiger Tiger with the lads.

A pitstop at Weatherspoons (and me (B) pre pre pre drinking almost a bottle a wine) ended in an extremly fun and drunken experiance: highlights including a search for the Krispy Kreme outlet, me proposing to walk the "20 minute" journey back (in reality, 40 mins) and food at Krunchy Fried Chicken. M, after being chatted up by some skanky mancunians, returned to spend the rest of the morning sleeping whilst oblivious to her short dress becoming ever shorter with every passing moment - "Mika pull ure dress down!!".

Other famous comments of the evening included B yelling "Mika YOUR JEULOUS" and introducing the infamous 'finger pointing'.

How could we forget, this night began well. We went to Owen's Park (after an incredibly long bus journey!) and were introduced to the "Green Monster" - a cup FULL of numerous spirits and known for it's potent lethal-ness! Me (B) admittedly already out of it, and told so by our new best friend James (what a legend!)
What a night! :)

The next big night out was for St Patricks day where we drank like the irish! Again with the lads, we got very drunk and going to a few pubs and then on to M2. Drama proceeded this but we won't mention itas this is a rare moment of privacy (it involved a needle, a homeless person and a misunderstanding) Good fun!

After this, we both went on a joint trip to M's home town of Birmingham (her to return to her beloved birthplace, and me to visit a friend on her birthday). We ended up in the quiet zone on the train by default after searching the whole train for spare seats (mistake). During this time, M got wedged between the electric doors between carridges - a priceless moment for everyone!
While in Birmingham we met up in Gatecrasher (Me very excited due to intoxication) and had very good times :D

On the journey back we AGAIN ended up in the quiet zone which was ever worse this time as we were laughing hysterically and talking inappropriatly in front of the elders!!

Our next night was the last of the term before easter! We got ready in good old K3 (B experiancing a delightful makeover from M and getting overly drunk in the process).

We went to birdcage which was a minttt night out and saw a few friends while there.
One of the highlights of this evening was, surprisingly, buying kinder beuno's from a local shop, and M mistakenly taking out £100 from the cash machine....and then advertising this fact to eveyrone around!!!!! One man in the club especially enjoyed it and felt the need to remember us and to tug on M's bag - worrying!

Once we returned home, safe and sound, we went on the miracle of skype and proceded to laugh...a lot. Some quotes of the evening:
"M could kinder bueno" (aka, M couldnt taste her kinder bueno, much to her disapointment)
"M, im going to like ure status SOOOO bad!!"

"Charles leave my friend alone!!" (said M after Charles having 'liked' B's status)

We have just realised that it seems as if we are always drinking. Of course, we went to the occasional lecture and did the occasional assignment (by this, we mean 1 assignment, and 2 lectures) We cooked lots of meals (using frozen vegetables, jars of sauces and a phone), often enjoyed whilst watching supersize vrs superskinny - thinking "we'll stop when we get like that"....whilst eating Pizza Hut cookie dough.....yummm, so worth it!

The easter holidays were spent back home in with me in Bedford, and M in Brum. It was good, but we wont dwell on times spent apart.

Now we have been back in Manc for just over a week. This week has been spent shopping, enjoying the sun when it's around, avoiding lectures, and generally hanging around.
Last saturday we went to 'the corner' in fallowfield with future housemates L and E. M was in her element with drum and bass tunes and old school r n b. we realised that we need to grace Monday Murkage with a visit ASAP!!

To round up the past few months, theyve been amazing! so much time sitting on beds, chilling, chatting and drinking! We are planning on going to Sankeys on thursday, and hitting the arndale (again) tomorow so watch out for us ;)

Thanks for reading, and you shall be updated again soon!

Much love, B n M x

Monday, 9 March 2009

Long time no speak!!

Once again life has become so busy and hectic that there hasn't been any time for Blogging...our appologies! But don't worry we are about to provide you with a brief update on the passing events, so keep reading...

We went on not one but TWO major bar crawls in one week! First the Big One, which a completely a spur of the moment - on the day kind of thing. So we contacted our personal ticket salesman aka. the LEGEND that is Karl (with a K). As always he came through, and we managed to get the last two t-shirts (tickets) hours before event. After a brief misunderstanding (involving conning Karl out of £10) we headed to Font for cocktail times. It was the new Font in Fallowfield, which me and B reckon is definately not as good as the one near town due the cleanliness of it...we missed the sticky floors and stained tables!
We then hurried back (as per usual, because we're always rushing to get to places). I managed to get hold of the wonderous fake Tesco's own Mailbu!! We then drank it by the glassful, managed to get verryyy drunk in quite a short space time- that's efficiency in motion! We took numerous photo's...goood times.

Once nicely intoxicated we stumbled down to the bus stop, drawing attention from the masses, as we were quite obviously drunk and extremely giggly! We then got our bus (after making friends with some random girls who were also going to The Big One). On the bus we found ourselves sitting in front of some french dudes, B obviously thought it was an opportunity to test out her "brilliant" French skills (LOL). The guys were loving was B...i was just criniging whilst laughing histerically!! One of the guys was saying that i was dying in a classic French accent, i can't explain the randomness. We decided to latch onto them to find the way, which we did- go us! As you do on bar crawl we roamed the streets visiting various venues, which we remember little about, making more friends along the way- including getting a free taxi with these guys that we just met (rather dangerous in hindsight...whoops).

We ended up in M2!! It was AMAZING! It was packed with people in white t-shirts, which looked great from an ariel view! Over all this night as to be up there with one of THE greats!! Just shows what a bit of sponteneity and fake Malibu can do for you :D

Next we went to Carnage after having only a couple of days to recover from The Big One. Carnage was really good, but it just wasn't as good as The Big One, which was pretty hard to follow in all fairness. I (M) saw one of my mates from back home which was cool...he decided to graffiti our faces, which was much appreciated...
We had fun times!
In between this we cooked...had Maccy D's (a first for B in a long while)...we went to a party at Cambridge Halls (Man Met territory :S)...watched dvds (attempted to watch Pride and Prejudice twice) And how could we forget PANCAKE DAY!!! After getting to Tesco's and them selling out of pancake mix (how is that possible) we rushed to ondis and managed to pick up the last few bags (PHEW!). It started off a bit shakely after a shoddy attempt, but as the pancake making skills developed the results were amazing0 we're not gonna lie. It was tasty fun times!! With lemon, kinder chocolate bars and sugar (not all in the same pancake of course).

Wellll we're really searching our memory for the other events, but as we can't even remember what happened yesterday, it's quite a struggle, so that will have to do folks!! Au revoir xxx

(as to come because we're just too damn lazy xD)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Cus Joel loves it ;)...

Ok ok ok we havn't really been keeping up with the blog as much as we would've liked, but its just me, M, at the moment, and due to a personal request for an update by my good friend Joel, here it is!
B and I have basically been living it up the past couple of weeks...our adventures include, raving numerous times, including a spur of the moment night out after the cinema which ended up being sooooooooooooooooooo good!! :D. We've been out for meals (yum Pizza Express), we've been to the cinema a couple of times and watched (attempted to watch) some films whilst eating 2 for 1 Haagen Daz ice cream (sexy!).
We went on a bar crawl which was MEGA! I got a tad drunk, but we did get quite a few free shots of sambuca due to the open bar :D...and the very generous Irish dude! I had a well good night and i know that B did we were gladly accompanied by our brill future house mate Liv, so of course it was going to be goooood times ;)
I went to the Chocolicious red and black party with some of my girlies, i had a really good night! A bit of funky house, reggae, bashment...nice! Was ravin! And also with the same group of girls (minus some of the Brummies who came to visit) and i went to the ACS social. We did speed dating...cringe! lol. But it was a laugh, and we had some nice West Indian cooking, which was much needed by all of us! Grace was involved in the blind date scenario that took place on stage...all i can say is HILARIOUS! We then ended up at Opus, which isn't as bad as i thought it was going to be after some bad reviews. I was veryyyy tired by the end of the night.
Oooohhh and the most important event of all is my SUNSHINE came to visit me in Manny!! I was sooooooooooooo happy to see her and loved having her here!! Love her soooo much, and was lovely catching up and sharing some more funny times :D:D:D. It was also Liv's 19th!
But I'm basically broke now, and need to chill on the going out front, but knowing me and B we will find a cheap way of having suggesting a good old cocktail night ;).

I will upload the pictures some other time, but for now i'm off to watch me some 4OD...and Mr Joel Beighton thanks for requesting the update, we know how much you love B'n'M...but who can blame you!?! :P

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Here's a riddle for you...see if you can try and figure it out...

There were two girls standing outside a pizza place; one was holding a pizza box and the other only had one slice of pizza...however they were about to buy another....what happened?
Hint: the girl eating the one slice of pizza hadn't actually eaten the whole pizza, and the girl with the pizza box had a full uneaten pizza!
Welllllll the answer should be obvious!!!...The girl eating the pizza CLEARLY had the whole pizza box blown out of her hands by the viscious wind!! And it obviously was sprawled across Hathersage road, after being smacked into to the poor girls face!!...If you hadn't already guessed this then YOU have issues! It's an epidemic here in Manchester, be heard it here first folks, don't say that you weren't warned! :O

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Basically Friday was gooooodd times!! Last exam, it went ok (well it was bearable!!) Plus our mate drove us there and back, which equaled a nice comfortable journey in a warm environment, laughing at the peasants who had to walk there and back...HA! (i joke of course...)
We were all VERY happy that we had our freedom back after TWO WEEKS of 6 EXAMS!!...ridiculous, no?? Well the day panned out like this...

Me and B went to town to SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! ... and we did exactly that! B made some very nice purchases, as did I. Ifound my dreammmmm scarf!! It is simply beautiful, my life was complete. I shall explain... we exited a popular store and, as we did so, i glanced up and saw this amazing scraf shimmering at me, i immeadiately fell in love, and the purchase was made ( but then again i fell in love many times that day)!! I actually skipped with glee and was grinning like cheshire cat (sad much?...) I bought a few other bits and bobs (the cardi i'd been looking at for months had gone into sale :D GD TIMES!!)

I (B) spent lottts of money (what's a student loan for anyway?) shoes, new dress, accessories...and not regretting it (yet....and now avoiding looking at my bank balance!) I wore my new shoes out that night and my god were they PAINFUL...more later!

Once shopping was done, and our Greggs fix was satisfied, we went to Font for £2 cocktails - cannot go wrong! How good do they look?!?

After getting ready in record time due to communication errors, we pre-drank and went to Baa Bar in Fallofield with legendary ladies: future housemates (L & E) and co!!

We got nicely drunk, which nearly led to us being kicked off of the bus!! oooh and we made a new friend at the bus stop, Chanelle, much love lass.

Once in Baa Bar we danced the night away!! it was such a good night!! We met so many randoms, nearly proposed/ fell in love with the purple shirt guy. I (M) would've actually married him if he'd asked, with those sexy dance moves who wouldn't??? Took many pictures....a few girls had 2 leave due to being highly intoxicated!! But us hard core ravers stuck it out, despite being a tad dishevelled. We were there till closing and then hobbled our way back to Hulm Hall (B's stumblings in her crazy shoes was very entertaining, and painful 4 her of course), after stopping off at bladdy Sagems (will explain the "bladdy" in another blog), for chips etc. Due to the sheer exhaustion me n B walked/ hobbled/skipped back Vicky Halls for sleep and recooperation!
WHAT A NIGHT!! pictures galore!! here r some of the better ones...enjoy...


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