Sunday, 1 February 2009


Basically Friday was gooooodd times!! Last exam, it went ok (well it was bearable!!) Plus our mate drove us there and back, which equaled a nice comfortable journey in a warm environment, laughing at the peasants who had to walk there and back...HA! (i joke of course...)
We were all VERY happy that we had our freedom back after TWO WEEKS of 6 EXAMS!!...ridiculous, no?? Well the day panned out like this...

Me and B went to town to SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! ... and we did exactly that! B made some very nice purchases, as did I. Ifound my dreammmmm scarf!! It is simply beautiful, my life was complete. I shall explain... we exited a popular store and, as we did so, i glanced up and saw this amazing scraf shimmering at me, i immeadiately fell in love, and the purchase was made ( but then again i fell in love many times that day)!! I actually skipped with glee and was grinning like cheshire cat (sad much?...) I bought a few other bits and bobs (the cardi i'd been looking at for months had gone into sale :D GD TIMES!!)

I (B) spent lottts of money (what's a student loan for anyway?) shoes, new dress, accessories...and not regretting it (yet....and now avoiding looking at my bank balance!) I wore my new shoes out that night and my god were they PAINFUL...more later!

Once shopping was done, and our Greggs fix was satisfied, we went to Font for £2 cocktails - cannot go wrong! How good do they look?!?

After getting ready in record time due to communication errors, we pre-drank and went to Baa Bar in Fallofield with legendary ladies: future housemates (L & E) and co!!

We got nicely drunk, which nearly led to us being kicked off of the bus!! oooh and we made a new friend at the bus stop, Chanelle, much love lass.

Once in Baa Bar we danced the night away!! it was such a good night!! We met so many randoms, nearly proposed/ fell in love with the purple shirt guy. I (M) would've actually married him if he'd asked, with those sexy dance moves who wouldn't??? Took many pictures....a few girls had 2 leave due to being highly intoxicated!! But us hard core ravers stuck it out, despite being a tad dishevelled. We were there till closing and then hobbled our way back to Hulm Hall (B's stumblings in her crazy shoes was very entertaining, and painful 4 her of course), after stopping off at bladdy Sagems (will explain the "bladdy" in another blog), for chips etc. Due to the sheer exhaustion me n B walked/ hobbled/skipped back Vicky Halls for sleep and recooperation!
WHAT A NIGHT!! pictures galore!! here r some of the better ones...enjoy...

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