Sunday, 8 February 2009

Here's a riddle for you...see if you can try and figure it out...

There were two girls standing outside a pizza place; one was holding a pizza box and the other only had one slice of pizza...however they were about to buy another....what happened?
Hint: the girl eating the one slice of pizza hadn't actually eaten the whole pizza, and the girl with the pizza box had a full uneaten pizza!
Welllllll the answer should be obvious!!!...The girl eating the pizza CLEARLY had the whole pizza box blown out of her hands by the viscious wind!! And it obviously was sprawled across Hathersage road, after being smacked into to the poor girls face!!...If you hadn't already guessed this then YOU have issues! It's an epidemic here in Manchester, be heard it here first folks, don't say that you weren't warned! :O


  1. Lol u girls r strange...who wuldv wrkd tht out?? no1!! guessin this happened 2 Fumika?

  2. i guessed it straight away! But thats because im smart! :D



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