Monday, 16 February 2009

Cus Joel loves it ;)...

Ok ok ok we havn't really been keeping up with the blog as much as we would've liked, but its just me, M, at the moment, and due to a personal request for an update by my good friend Joel, here it is!
B and I have basically been living it up the past couple of weeks...our adventures include, raving numerous times, including a spur of the moment night out after the cinema which ended up being sooooooooooooooooooo good!! :D. We've been out for meals (yum Pizza Express), we've been to the cinema a couple of times and watched (attempted to watch) some films whilst eating 2 for 1 Haagen Daz ice cream (sexy!).
We went on a bar crawl which was MEGA! I got a tad drunk, but we did get quite a few free shots of sambuca due to the open bar :D...and the very generous Irish dude! I had a well good night and i know that B did we were gladly accompanied by our brill future house mate Liv, so of course it was going to be goooood times ;)
I went to the Chocolicious red and black party with some of my girlies, i had a really good night! A bit of funky house, reggae, bashment...nice! Was ravin! And also with the same group of girls (minus some of the Brummies who came to visit) and i went to the ACS social. We did speed dating...cringe! lol. But it was a laugh, and we had some nice West Indian cooking, which was much needed by all of us! Grace was involved in the blind date scenario that took place on stage...all i can say is HILARIOUS! We then ended up at Opus, which isn't as bad as i thought it was going to be after some bad reviews. I was veryyyy tired by the end of the night.
Oooohhh and the most important event of all is my SUNSHINE came to visit me in Manny!! I was sooooooooooooo happy to see her and loved having her here!! Love her soooo much, and was lovely catching up and sharing some more funny times :D:D:D. It was also Liv's 19th!
But I'm basically broke now, and need to chill on the going out front, but knowing me and B we will find a cheap way of having suggesting a good old cocktail night ;).

I will upload the pictures some other time, but for now i'm off to watch me some 4OD...and Mr Joel Beighton thanks for requesting the update, we know how much you love B'n'M...but who can blame you!?! :P

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Here's a riddle for you...see if you can try and figure it out...

There were two girls standing outside a pizza place; one was holding a pizza box and the other only had one slice of pizza...however they were about to buy another....what happened?
Hint: the girl eating the one slice of pizza hadn't actually eaten the whole pizza, and the girl with the pizza box had a full uneaten pizza!
Welllllll the answer should be obvious!!!...The girl eating the pizza CLEARLY had the whole pizza box blown out of her hands by the viscious wind!! And it obviously was sprawled across Hathersage road, after being smacked into to the poor girls face!!...If you hadn't already guessed this then YOU have issues! It's an epidemic here in Manchester, be heard it here first folks, don't say that you weren't warned! :O

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Basically Friday was gooooodd times!! Last exam, it went ok (well it was bearable!!) Plus our mate drove us there and back, which equaled a nice comfortable journey in a warm environment, laughing at the peasants who had to walk there and back...HA! (i joke of course...)
We were all VERY happy that we had our freedom back after TWO WEEKS of 6 EXAMS!!...ridiculous, no?? Well the day panned out like this...

Me and B went to town to SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! ... and we did exactly that! B made some very nice purchases, as did I. Ifound my dreammmmm scarf!! It is simply beautiful, my life was complete. I shall explain... we exited a popular store and, as we did so, i glanced up and saw this amazing scraf shimmering at me, i immeadiately fell in love, and the purchase was made ( but then again i fell in love many times that day)!! I actually skipped with glee and was grinning like cheshire cat (sad much?...) I bought a few other bits and bobs (the cardi i'd been looking at for months had gone into sale :D GD TIMES!!)

I (B) spent lottts of money (what's a student loan for anyway?) shoes, new dress, accessories...and not regretting it (yet....and now avoiding looking at my bank balance!) I wore my new shoes out that night and my god were they PAINFUL...more later!

Once shopping was done, and our Greggs fix was satisfied, we went to Font for £2 cocktails - cannot go wrong! How good do they look?!?

After getting ready in record time due to communication errors, we pre-drank and went to Baa Bar in Fallofield with legendary ladies: future housemates (L & E) and co!!

We got nicely drunk, which nearly led to us being kicked off of the bus!! oooh and we made a new friend at the bus stop, Chanelle, much love lass.

Once in Baa Bar we danced the night away!! it was such a good night!! We met so many randoms, nearly proposed/ fell in love with the purple shirt guy. I (M) would've actually married him if he'd asked, with those sexy dance moves who wouldn't??? Took many pictures....a few girls had 2 leave due to being highly intoxicated!! But us hard core ravers stuck it out, despite being a tad dishevelled. We were there till closing and then hobbled our way back to Hulm Hall (B's stumblings in her crazy shoes was very entertaining, and painful 4 her of course), after stopping off at bladdy Sagems (will explain the "bladdy" in another blog), for chips etc. Due to the sheer exhaustion me n B walked/ hobbled/skipped back Vicky Halls for sleep and recooperation!
WHAT A NIGHT!! pictures galore!! here r some of the better ones...enjoy...


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