Thursday, 28 January 2010

wow, its been a long time (as always) since we've contacted our legions of fans. Sorry guys that we havn't been in touch!
we are trying to think back to whats occured. Thanks to a few sparse words written on M's phone, we will try and piece together our life.
Months and months ago we went to another 5th Av night, got very drunk and the only word to describe the experiance was "bleughhhh". We had an exam in a few days time, so we went to the Garrett for drinks where we proceeded to drink double vodkas for £2. Never wise. Lots of drunken secrets were revealed, some unusual, some bordering on incest, and others non-sensical. Particular highlights include B absent mindedly and repeatedly staring at a stranger for quite a while, much to his confusion.
Having decided not to go to 5th, we stumbled our way there and met a few interesting people, who we no longer remember names or faces....but we remeber their nationaliy. Eughhhh.

The next day we had brutal hangovers and walked the 40 minute journey to Fallowfield to buy tickets. In true B n M style, they were sold out, resulting in a dissapointment+hangover+mango dropping+having not eaten sadness.
A simple question, "M, what's Platt fields park like?" led to an exploration of said park...." that WATER!" After frequent exclamations about how cute the ducks are, how amazing it was to see green again, and a few pictures, we became so smiley that it sickens us a little. Pictures to follow if we ever get round to it.
Thoroughly weakened by alcohol and low blood sugar, we went to Varsity and had a rare meal, after both complaining that "i would drink that and id be full. in fact, im full now." We went home and probably didn't do much revision.

A note from the past us says "how everything got done during exam time". This neither sounds like something we would do, or seem plausible. Most likely is that we did laundry, tidied our room....but all I (B) remember is sitting in the sun outside of Victoria Halls whining at our friend to go and buy Cheeky Vimto. Or sitting in the sun outside of the Rampant Lion. Or just sitting in the sun.

All this talk of Cheeky Vimto has reminded us - we didn't blog B's birthday! An event to remember.../not remember. After a splurge of efficiency, we made homemade cocktails (baileys with cream....more cream...), ran out of alcohol, drukenly went to Spar for more and played snap. We are told by more sober members that our reactions were something to behold.
Quotes from the evening, I tihnk, include "stop having sex in my bed!". Mostly, there is just a video of B being forcebly encourage to down a mug (no glasses) of alcohol cos she's "19 now you can handle it". Turns out she couldnt, and ended up passed out unable to breath. Nothing like waking up to a "Athsma UK " tab on your laptop and a pan of badly made Cheeky Vimto in a saucepan on your floor.

In times spent apart, when actually revising, we had some enjoyable MSN moments (modern girls, us). Having realised M has documentation of these events lef to much joy. Many a quotation:

- "why is inflation rampant? Whatever inflation is doing is inflations business, I don't want to hear about it"
- "i like getting ready with youuu" "i like getting ready with youuu"
- "you've left the Engalnd....and moved to a country that doesn't believe in electricity"
- "A and B are doubting their ability to be correct"
- "C and D have fallen prey to excessive over-confidence"
- "he's a marker for everything that'd bad in the world" (this is regretted now, he's a lovely guy)
- ":P:P....look! theyre moving in unison"
- "the dairy milk was for your birthdayyy"
"why are you shit at everything?"
- snibbles + his protectiveness

The rest of these months passedin happy post-exam bliss. Drinking, pizza, films (the twilight incident which we don't mention) and other generally good times :)
pretty sure we were moaning about something tho.

On the last day, B went to visit M to say goodbye. M had been out the night before and was, arguably, still drunk. Not good when she had to move about 15 boxes to the storage man. When eventually on the trolley, somehow she manages to push the trolley into a flowerbed, amusing myself and the Storage-collector-man. We also felt the need to wave untill we were out of sight of each other....:/.....lets not talk about it.

We went to our respective cities (....village) where M enjoyed working, romancing and holidaying. B learnt to live without electricity and running water.

We were reunited when B travelled to M's home town. A simple "do you want to eat?" reminded us of why we can't stand each other. We also spent perhaps the longest time anyone has ever spent in WHSmith, all the time laughing much too hard - "he'd be so impressed, look at it!" - and played with notebooks and so on. Hilarious.
This was also one of the rare occasions we did something we said we would. After visiting Platt fields park we got excited that we would visit a park in Birmingham, which we did. True to form, we got a bit lost, couldn't find what we were looking for, M thought she'd found a place unaffected by rain, and we spent many many hourrrrsssssss there, lost.
We had two good nights, went to the infamous Barry which was amazing. Quotes include - "she's changing the lightbulb already! she's sooooo efficient" and B getting abused for "living on a farm" and being asked "your dad has a tractor right?" for which ruthless defence was needed, a hilarious sight for M.

M has an exam tomorow so its time to wrap things up and we shall blog the 1st semester of 2nd year soon :)


Lots of love, B n M

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