Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The B'n'M blog chronicles the university experiance of an unlikely pair of lasses, brought together through the wonders of business management (specialism - dont forget). The B'n'M story began on a quiet Wednesday evening, in front of the telly, facebook stalking (as you do...), eating Vibha's custard creams and pondering life and such (i.e. clothes and boys).
We then stumbled upon the AMAZING idea of creating a blog to share o
ur good/random times :D
So hear we are, ladies and gentleman and cross-genders alike, we p
resent to you B'n'M's blog.

The story so far:

B's story: I'm from Bedford (aka the 'ford)...near to Luton...near it's basically an hour north of London. I am severly vertically challenged, likely to tumble over and equally likely to laugh at any passing event. Bad things often happen to me (that are funny for everyone else), such as being knocked out by a giant novelty fist....and being lapdanced upon by a nearly-naked stranger, against my wishes...

M's story: well im from the land of Brum ( and no, do not attempt to mock the accent!!) 19 years of age and my interests consist of eating, drinking, partying, dancing and basically havin a bladdy good time!! My writing skills are not on par with that of B's, exclamation marks are an essential to any of my bloggings...and elipses(...)!!
I am generally happy, when pissed i lack vital balancing skills...i.e. i cannot walk and fa
ll backwards after trying to pull fire hydrogens off of the kitchen wall!!....what can i say?? life is pretty sweet at the moment, Manny has proven to be good times, mixed in with the shite that is business management (specialism). Me n B only promise to track the most useless of events on our blog, but hey! chose to read it right?!?! my pals, enjoy!! From B'n'M!!


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