Monday, 16 February 2009

Cus Joel loves it ;)...

Ok ok ok we havn't really been keeping up with the blog as much as we would've liked, but its just me, M, at the moment, and due to a personal request for an update by my good friend Joel, here it is!
B and I have basically been living it up the past couple of weeks...our adventures include, raving numerous times, including a spur of the moment night out after the cinema which ended up being sooooooooooooooooooo good!! :D. We've been out for meals (yum Pizza Express), we've been to the cinema a couple of times and watched (attempted to watch) some films whilst eating 2 for 1 Haagen Daz ice cream (sexy!).
We went on a bar crawl which was MEGA! I got a tad drunk, but we did get quite a few free shots of sambuca due to the open bar :D...and the very generous Irish dude! I had a well good night and i know that B did we were gladly accompanied by our brill future house mate Liv, so of course it was going to be goooood times ;)
I went to the Chocolicious red and black party with some of my girlies, i had a really good night! A bit of funky house, reggae, bashment...nice! Was ravin! And also with the same group of girls (minus some of the Brummies who came to visit) and i went to the ACS social. We did speed dating...cringe! lol. But it was a laugh, and we had some nice West Indian cooking, which was much needed by all of us! Grace was involved in the blind date scenario that took place on stage...all i can say is HILARIOUS! We then ended up at Opus, which isn't as bad as i thought it was going to be after some bad reviews. I was veryyyy tired by the end of the night.
Oooohhh and the most important event of all is my SUNSHINE came to visit me in Manny!! I was sooooooooooooo happy to see her and loved having her here!! Love her soooo much, and was lovely catching up and sharing some more funny times :D:D:D. It was also Liv's 19th!
But I'm basically broke now, and need to chill on the going out front, but knowing me and B we will find a cheap way of having suggesting a good old cocktail night ;).

I will upload the pictures some other time, but for now i'm off to watch me some 4OD...and Mr Joel Beighton thanks for requesting the update, we know how much you love B'n'M...but who can blame you!?! :P

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