Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A needle, a homeless person and a misunderstanding

How terrible! We havn't given u an update in soo long! Our sincerest apologies.
Me n M are sat here drinking wine racking our brains, after a few cheeky cocktails at the legendary font, trying to remember all that we have done.

Before Easter our time consisted of some amazing cooked meals and numerous pancake nights! 8p tesco pancake batter = amazing :D.
We went on the management social to Tiger Tiger with the lads.

A pitstop at Weatherspoons (and me (B) pre pre pre drinking almost a bottle a wine) ended in an extremly fun and drunken experiance: highlights including a search for the Krispy Kreme outlet, me proposing to walk the "20 minute" journey back (in reality, 40 mins) and food at Krunchy Fried Chicken. M, after being chatted up by some skanky mancunians, returned to spend the rest of the morning sleeping whilst oblivious to her short dress becoming ever shorter with every passing moment - "Mika pull ure dress down!!".

Other famous comments of the evening included B yelling "Mika YOUR JEULOUS" and introducing the infamous 'finger pointing'.

How could we forget, this night began well. We went to Owen's Park (after an incredibly long bus journey!) and were introduced to the "Green Monster" - a cup FULL of numerous spirits and known for it's potent lethal-ness! Me (B) admittedly already out of it, and told so by our new best friend James (what a legend!)
What a night! :)

The next big night out was for St Patricks day where we drank like the irish! Again with the lads, we got very drunk and going to a few pubs and then on to M2. Drama proceeded this but we won't mention itas this is a rare moment of privacy (it involved a needle, a homeless person and a misunderstanding) Good fun!

After this, we both went on a joint trip to M's home town of Birmingham (her to return to her beloved birthplace, and me to visit a friend on her birthday). We ended up in the quiet zone on the train by default after searching the whole train for spare seats (mistake). During this time, M got wedged between the electric doors between carridges - a priceless moment for everyone!
While in Birmingham we met up in Gatecrasher (Me very excited due to intoxication) and had very good times :D

On the journey back we AGAIN ended up in the quiet zone which was ever worse this time as we were laughing hysterically and talking inappropriatly in front of the elders!!

Our next night was the last of the term before easter! We got ready in good old K3 (B experiancing a delightful makeover from M and getting overly drunk in the process).

We went to birdcage which was a minttt night out and saw a few friends while there.
One of the highlights of this evening was, surprisingly, buying kinder beuno's from a local shop, and M mistakenly taking out £100 from the cash machine....and then advertising this fact to eveyrone around!!!!! One man in the club especially enjoyed it and felt the need to remember us and to tug on M's bag - worrying!

Once we returned home, safe and sound, we went on the miracle of skype and proceded to laugh...a lot. Some quotes of the evening:
"M could kinder bueno" (aka, M couldnt taste her kinder bueno, much to her disapointment)
"M, im going to like ure status SOOOO bad!!"

"Charles leave my friend alone!!" (said M after Charles having 'liked' B's status)

We have just realised that it seems as if we are always drinking. Of course, we went to the occasional lecture and did the occasional assignment (by this, we mean 1 assignment, and 2 lectures) We cooked lots of meals (using frozen vegetables, jars of sauces and a phone), often enjoyed whilst watching supersize vrs superskinny - thinking "we'll stop when we get like that"....whilst eating Pizza Hut cookie dough.....yummm, so worth it!

The easter holidays were spent back home in with me in Bedford, and M in Brum. It was good, but we wont dwell on times spent apart.

Now we have been back in Manc for just over a week. This week has been spent shopping, enjoying the sun when it's around, avoiding lectures, and generally hanging around.
Last saturday we went to 'the corner' in fallowfield with future housemates L and E. M was in her element with drum and bass tunes and old school r n b. we realised that we need to grace Monday Murkage with a visit ASAP!!

To round up the past few months, theyve been amazing! so much time sitting on beds, chilling, chatting and drinking! We are planning on going to Sankeys on thursday, and hitting the arndale (again) tomorow so watch out for us ;)

Thanks for reading, and you shall be updated again soon!

Much love, B n M x

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